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Most family’s buy at least 50 gifts a year, Birthdays, Xmas, Anniversaries, Weddings, New Born Babies, House Warming Gifts, the list is endless, and so on most occasions most people do not know what to buy.

Luxurious 24k Gold Plated Gifts and Presents to AMAZE

However once you start thinking of buying an ‘ordinary’ gift, and then having it in 24k gold, a whole new range of exciting options opens up. If you are stuck for ideas just take a look at a fraction of the things we can create especially for you here.

A simple Gillette Fusion razor is not really the most original gift someone would ever receive, certainly not a memorable one, but if the handle is coated with 24k gold then it becomes probably the most memorable gift Dad or Granddad has ever seen – no matter how much else someone else has spent on him. Or how about taking an ‘ordinary’ Apple stainless steel watch and having it in Rose Gold for a loved one – then you don’t just give a gift you also give a memory.

As well as giving gifts at Christmas, for most months of the year you also need to think of something suitable for Birthdays, Weddings,  Anniversaries, Work Colleagues leaving, having a baby – the list (and the need to buy something for someone) is endless – and you have to do this every year.

For every suggested gift listed here you will probably think of another 50 yourself – as long as the item is untreated metal we can transform it for you.

As a suggestion this year, why not send us an email with details of a special occasion coming up, a theme for the gift, your budget, and whether you want the item finished in luxurious 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Rhodium or Silver and you will be amazed at what we can come up with – but nowhere near as much as your recipient will be when they are given it!

As these products can be provided on a mobile basis anywhere in the world please let us know your specific requirements and location.

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Gifts For The Household

  • Gold Plated Kettle
  • Gold Plated Camera
  • Gold Plated Bathroom Fittings
  • Gold Plated Table Settings
  • Gold Plated Lamp Stand
Gifts For A Female

  • Gold Plated Jewellery
  • Gold Plated Keepsakes
  • Gold Plated Memory Stick
  • Gold Plated Perfume Spray
  • Rose Gold Plated Golf Club (putter)
Gifts For A Male

  • 24k Gold Plated Corkscrew
  • 24 k Gold Plated Car Badges
  • Platinum Plated Letter Opener
  • Gold Plated Razor
Services Available Locally

  • Home Plating Service
  • Business Plating Services
  • Postal Plating Services